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Welcome to Promo Process

Please read the Rebate Terms and Conditions before you Register. It will have the information you need to successfully claim your rebate. It will also have the Promotion Code that you have to register for.

You can get the Rebate Terms and Conditions at the exact page of the website where you bought your product.

    OR (choose either Vendor or Rebate then hit 'Search")





1. Please wait for your product to register for your rebate claim. Registering with the wrong serial no. can delay the processing of your claim or get your claim rejected.

2. Your rebate tracking no. is assigned to you ONLY after your online registration. Your Fedex or UPS tracking no. has nothing to do with the rebate!

3. Make sure to register for the correct promotion. The promotion no. can be found at the top page of the Rebate Terms and Instructions form.

4. Don't forget to mail your claim form, original upc/serial and copy of invoice!

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